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Military flags welcome soldiers and veterans to the Valor Recovery Program

Valor Recovery Program Admissions:

One phone call is all that is necessary to fast track the admission process for potential patients. Our VRP phone is answered and monitored 24/7. Please call 913-228-5973

The Valor Recovery Program is located at Signature Psychiatric Hospital in North Kansas City, MO. Signature Psychiatric Hospital is located on the beautiful campus of North Kansas City Hospital.

The Valor Recovery Program (VRP) is designed to help Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders process trauma, manage stress that encompasses life changes, and control unhealthy behaviors of addictions while maintaining sobriety. The self-sacrifice to keep others safe involves witnessing and experiencing events that are difficult to process. VRP is a safe place for individuals struggling to face these fears without judgement. Additionally, you are surrounded by individuals with similar experiences who can be a great support system throughout your journey.

In this program, you are asked to be honest with yourself and give 100% effort in treatment to reach your treatment goals. VRP staff is here to assist individuals in processing traumatic events, teach coping skills, educate you on trauma and addictions, build resiliency, and provide knowledge and skills on how to maintain sobriety. You are not alone in your struggle. VRP is here to help you regain control of your life and heal the invisible wounds.


Trauma and PTSD Program

VRP offers a specialized track for individuals suffering from trauma and PTSD. This is a complete program that covers every type of trauma- whether experienced in childhood, adulthood or during combat. VRP is a non-emergent unit and requires individuals to not be actively suicidal or homicidal. If a patient is acute, he or she will need to be stabilized on an acute unit. Once the patient is stabilized, he/she can be considered for admission to VRP.

Substance Use and Addiction Program

VRP offers a specialized track for individuals dealing with the ongoing struggles of many forms of substance use, including alcohol, pain killers, street drugs and opioids. The Living in Balance curriculum is used to help patients transition from living their lives with hidden addictions, to living a life of recovery and empowerment. Patient will receive psychoeducation and process personal problems with drugs of abuse, relapse prevention, self-help programs, mental and physical health, emotional and social wellness, sexual and spiritual health, daily living skills, and vocational and educational development.

VRP Key Features:

  • Experienced clinicians and staff members, many of whom are current and former service members with combat and deployment experience
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
    Living In Balance
  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy
  • Individual and Group therapy
  • Evidence based curriculum that includes best practices per the Department of Defense
  • Separate, private unit for VRP patients
  • Daily opportunities for physical training in modern workout facility: Zone 6 Fitness
  • Outdoor area with smoking allowed
  • Visitation by Command available 24/7
  • Military formulated medication management
  • Daily visits with staff psychiatrist
  • Electronic devices such as tablets, phones and laptops are permitted
  • Family visitation
  • Partial hospitalization (PHP) offered
  • Daily/Weekly communication with Behavioral Health staff at service member’s station of duty
  • Pet/Equine therapy
  • Making a difference in the lives of all branches of the Military, National Guard, and First Responders


Horses & Heroes

Valor Recovery Program is proud to partner with Horses & Heroes in providing treatment for our patients. Horses & Heroes Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Kansas City, and offers equine therapy as an alternative method to help:

  • Veterans, active duty and families affected by trauma or stress
  • EMT, Police and Fire departments facilitate healing from work-related experiences
  • Reduce symptoms associated with trauma
  • Improve communications among families, couples or teams
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve self-awareness and decision-making skills
  • Gain understanding and insights to group dynamics, leadership and team development

Horses & Heroes utilizes a model of therapy called EAGALA. EAGALA has certified more than 4500 practitioners and Horses & Heroes are one of 700 programs located in 50 countries. With 17 years of experience, research and documented results, EAGALA practitioners can confidently say that, equine therapy works! 

Zone 6 Fitness

Valor Recovery Program is excited to partner with Zone 6 Fitness in order to provide a state of the art fitness facility and training options for our patients. We understand the element of maintaining physical training standards, and feel this is an important part of a patient’s overall treatment plan. The mission at Zone 6 Fitness is to foster a culture of community between members and trainers. They believe in a multi-discipline approach to fitness and well-being through our six zones. Whether your goal is to lose weight, strengthen muscles or just improve your overall health, Zone 6 delivers the environment you need to stay motivated and accountable to maintain your mental and physical well-being.

Valor Recovery Program Admissions:

One phone call is all that is necessary to fast track the admission process for potential patients. Our VRP phone is answered and monitored 24/7. Please call 913-228-5973

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Valor Recovery Program

Valor Recovery Program