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Signature Announces New Partial Hospital Program

Signature Psychiatric Hospital is proud to announce the addition of a new Partial Hospital Program.  This program offers a high level of psychiatric treatment.  PHP provides level of structure and support greater than that of traditional Intensive Outpatient Program(IOP).  Partial Hospitalization is a day program for patients who have acute symptoms, but do not meet the necessary criteria for inpatient...

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7 Of The Most Helpful Things You Can Say To Someone With Depression

Depression has a way of being an all-consuming, monster of a battle. It takes a toll physically and emotionally. It’s often stigmatized. But perhaps one of the biggest struggles for those who suffer is the feeling that no one else in the world can truly understand what they’re going through. However, those feelings of isolation provide one of the biggest...

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Ted talk about, “The Bridge Between Suicide and Life.”

One police officer’s experiences patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge. Connections between people can be such a powerful force, suicide is unable to overcome it. Sent by Dale Fellin

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In the experience of AA, a member’s age matters

Edward J. Cumella, PhD The Baby Boomers are now into their 60s. As the first generation of Americans to experiment widely with illegal drugs, elderly Baby Boomers are thought to experience substance use problems more commonly than previous generations of senior citizens. The most prevalent substance of abuse among the elderly of all generations is alcohol, due to the ease...

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Kansas City Has a New Perspective on Behavioral Healthcare

Psychiatric Care Goal The goal of this blog is to provide interesting, informative, and sometimes entertaining content in the areas of Kansas City mental health, behavioral healthcare, and related fields.  I will try to include not only articles and links, but also original content from our psychiatric providers and those who work closely with our patients.  Whether it is an...

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